Do we have a mutual audience, but don't directly compete? 

If so, there could be a number of ways in which we could partner to be mutually beneficial to each other and help both the sites to grow.Take a look at just a handful of examples of ways in which we could partner below and a case study of one we currently have in place on one of our sites.

Banner Inventory

Being such a diverse company with over 70 niche websites, we are able to be very flexible when it comes to banner advertising. If we have the kind of audience you’d like to attract to your business, do get in touch. We may be able to do a banner exchange on our sites, and we are open to other suggestions too!

Content Share

The talented marketeers at Friday Media Group creatively research and produce informative, humorous and insightful articles for our wide range of niche sites and their users every day. If your business creates great, unique content too, we could perhaps benefit from co-editing articles together for a wider reach or promoting each others from our own sites.

Link Exchange

Are our websites similar but offering different services? Do you provide articles and news whilst we specialise in classifieds? If so, you could add a tab linking to our site from your homepage, all the time offering your users with a completely new and different service and also earn yourself some money in the process! Get in touch to find out more.

Meet Our Partners

After noticing that we had a very mutual audience with a US website called General Aviation News, we decided to form a mutually beneficial partnership. They now offer their users a whole new service and our online aviation job board now benefits from traffic from very targeted aviation enthusiasts. Find out more about the partnership below. Find out more

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