The group today

We’re looking to build community, connections and transactions in niche marketplaces locally, regionally and globally. By effectively delivering lead generation, data provision and connected web services, we continue to help our customers save time, work anywhere and sell more.

We have some exciting new growth areas, including our developing sites in the UK and new markets for existing brands in Europe and the US.

As the Friday Media Group grows and enters a new and exciting stage in its development as a company, these are the values that continue to shape our culture, our brand, and our business strategies:

  1. deliver value and growth through connections
  2. share the knowledge
  3. explore, create and innovate
  4. remain focused on core business values (our own & our customers)
  5. embrace growth and learning
  6. build open and honest relationships through communication
  7. enjoy working as a team
  8. do more with less
  9. remain true to our family value
  10. practice what we preach

The board


I am responsible for the overall performance of the company. Most recently my focus has been on restructuring the organisation to meet the needs of our revised strategy for the Group. We are always innovating and as a consequence always evolving. We have been in existence for five decades but have never stood still and will continue to strive to do what we have always done - bring buyers and sellers, and recruiters and applicants together through the most innovative and consumer friendly means that we possibly can.

"The spirit of evolution is a product of the people that work here. This spirit also energises our staff & there is a uniquely vibrant atmosphere across all our locations - whether you you walk into our Preston, Brighton, Miami, Barcelona or Pembroke office you know you are in an FMG building."

Sam Kidger
Managing Director

I am essentially involved in developing and agreeing the strategic direction of the Group. FMG started life as a local advertising publication delivering leads and building brands for the businesses in the local communities we serve. Today it is little different although now on a local, national and international scale. The future is likely to be the same. Our expertise in brand development and lead generation is now allied to the web products and web services we offer alongside the harnessing of data management for the benefit of our customers.

"People and teamwork plus great products and customer retention are the key to growth."

Chris Kidger

I am responsible for the continued growth of our recruitment division in the UK, Europe and the US. I also have responsibility for our retail business which is currently going through a realignment of strategy to ensure real growth in 2015 and beyond. Our ability to grow our business comes down to our people. In our key divisions we have Divisional Directors who have the autonomy to grow their businesses and this philosophy comes from the entrepreneurial spirit that resides within the board and is filtered through the business.

"The group is unique due to our ability to grow our business through empowering our people and encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit. Our key mantras are 'try it' and 'get sh*t done'."

Ian Partington

My responsibility is to drive the overall group marketing and operations functions within the business, as well as steering key development projects and expansion into new markets. We are always looking to evolve and stay ahead of the game - we have a forward thinking and innovative culture and like to act quickly to get to market, which sets us aside from many traditional publishing groups.

"FMG is unique in the fact that we operate so many different markets across many different mediums (print, mobile, online) yet we have a common strategy across the businesses."

Joe Kidger
Group Marketing Director

I'm responsible for overseeing the running of all automated revenue streams from the management of ad networks, agency sales and online ad placement, plus the development of new self service revenue streams.

"Our strategy in niche marketplaces has allowed us to provide a bespoke offering to our customers in those markets and build a seamless product offering to connect buyers and sellers across a number of online and print media streams."

Kate Kidger
Automated Sales Director


We’re actively seeking partnerships and licensees globally to continue the ongoing development of our brands. At Friday Media Group, it’s our business to help you grow yours. We do that by giving you all the resources and support required every step of the way.

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