GDPR: 3 months to go!

by | Feb 23, 2018 | News

With GDPR now just 3 short months away, we’ve been busy working on some important platform developments and procedures.

Our marketing and graphic design teams have been working closely together to create bespoke preference centres for our various websites. These are important because they will ensure our users’ personal data and newsletter preferences are kept up to date, whilst we remain transparent about exactly what data we hold on our users and customers.

The preference centres will act as a central hub where people can manage all of their personal details, and can subscribe/unsubscribe from different types of email communications with ease.

Our technical development teams have started work on reviewing our sign-up and registration processes to ensure that all entry points where we collect personal data are in compliance with GDPR, with a focus on making them granular, clear and concise to users. We will make sure we only collect relevant personal data, and will explain how we intend to use this data.

There are still some tasks we are working on to complete before May, however we are well on our way to achieving GDPR compliance through the developments we are making and tools we are implementing on our sites. Further updates will be published between now and 25th May.