Alone we can do so little,
together we can do so much

Over the 40 years that we’ve been trading, we’ve collaborated with many different types of businesses, and formed a number of extremely valuable partnerships which have been mutually beneficial. Take a look at some of the Friday Media Group’s official partners below, and have a quick read to see how we ended up working together.  And if you want to partner with us in one way or another, we’re all ears…
White Label Classified Partner

The Boat Owners Association of the USA are a family-run company, much like us. After we launched Vivaboats back in 2015, we were keen to partner with boating associations. As luck would have it, BoatUS (the largest marine association in the States) were also looking to revamp the classifieds section of their website too. After a few Skype calls, we’d established a fruitful partnership with BoatUS, whereby our new brand, Vivaboats, would power their classifieds secion. Since the plug-in has gone live, over 1,000 ads have been placed on Vivaboats, via BoatUS. It’s still early days for this partnership, but we’re confident we can really penetrate this market.
Licencee in the Benelux region

1st March 2010, a fruitful partnership began between our brand Boatshop24 and, owned by the Dutch company Arimpex. As a result from the partnership, received the exclusive sales rights for the BeNeLux countries and the Boatshop24 magazine was created. Arimpex is the editor and publisher of our Boatshop24 magazine and prints 30,000 copies each year. The magazine is distributed at the major boat shows in the UK, Germany and also the BeNeLux countries. In that way the clients from and can reach thousands of boat show visitors every year.

Partnering with us, helped to reach out to a broad European audience and to target German boat buyers. With over half a million monthly visitors, is the most visited European boat marketplace and benefits from this large audience.

They say “We are very pleased with the new cooperation with Our current magazine and website already provide a great response for our advertisers. With our new parter, we are able to target the wider European market.” said Tim Scholte, General Director at Arimpex.

On the other hand, has been able to offer its visitors more boats, yachts, trailers, engines and berths located in the BeNeLux countries and has profited from the increased traffic from these countries 

White Label Classified Partner

The Caravan Club are a very valued partner of ours. They are Europe’s largest touring community, they provide their members access and exclusive discounts to just shy of 3,000 caravning locations, as well as providing valuable services such specifically for the touring community, such as insurance and towing.

In 2010 we partnered with the Caravan Club and, much like Vivaboats and BoatUS, we power the classifieds section of their website. This mutually beneficial partnership utilises the Caravan Club’s audience and our knowledge of the classifieds market.

“The Caravan and Motorhome Club has been working closely with Friday Media Group for many years and we find it to be a mutually beneficial arrangement. Friday Media Group provide a Classifieds service to our members and are quick to respond and resolve any member enquiries. We really enjoy working with the Friday Media Group Team and are keen to develop the partnership further moving forward.



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In March 2017, British Showjumping welcomed Horsemart on board as the new official classifieds advertising partner for This exciting business partnership development sees Horsemart power a classifieds section on the British Equestrian Sport TV website whilst offering British Showjumping members exclusive rates when placing adverts. This alignment drives quality responses for advertisers and they are also offered further exposure to the British Showjumping audience, which stands at around 1.2 million.

At the time of the launch, Maria Haig, Head of Communications for British Showjumping said “Partnering with Horsemart has allowed us to bring a market leading classifieds service into our fold with a team that have a great depth of knowledge within their area of expertise. We are absolutely delighted that Horsemart selected British Showjumping as their preferred partner and we look forward to working alongside such a professional and proactive team that understand the need of the sport.”


We’re actively seeking partnerships and licensees globally to continue the ongoing development of our brands.
At Friday Media Group, it’s our business to help you grow yours. We do that by giving you all the resources and support required every step of the way.