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Employee case study: Jacob Birch

Would you give me a quick overview of FMG in your own words?

FMG is a fun and innovative company owning more than 70 different websites – whatever groups of sites you work on there is always a new challenge and idea every day – it never gets boring!

How long have you worked for FMG?

Nearly 5 years now (I had a one year gap as I wanted to try working for an agency).

What role were you employed to do when you first started working at Friday Media Group?

Graduate Web Analyst – I came straight from graduating from my Mathematics degree

How would you describe development and training opportunities at Friday Media Group?

There is a very generous budget for development with the aim to boost personal competencies and technical ability. For example someone on my team went to Barcelona within their first 3 months for training! Aside from external training courses the manager/technical lead in every team will ensure new members are developing in the skills they enjoy and build a clear path for them, and you always learn from other team expertise.

How would you describe the premises and facilities at Friday  Media Group?

The office is located in a very handy position at Sayers, it’s really easy to get to if you drive (being on a bypass). The building has different areas to chill out as well, including a games room which has ping pong, scale electric, table football – there’s an annual ping pong tournament.

How would you describe the welfare benefits at Friday Media Group?

I love the flexibility at work – at the moment I get one or two days a week to work from home if I need it, which allows me to dedicate those days to zone in on projects that need my attention, and allows me to start a bit earlier and finish early if I need to. The Perkbox app is brilliant as well, I always grab a free coffee every month and discounted cinema tickets saving me lots of money each month.

Can you describe your current role?

I currently head up a team of three analysts where I will push the data strategy within the group and ensure insights are communicated to every team, and analytics processes are adopted within the group where needed. It’s very exciting as the analytics industry is always evolving with new tools and techniques available to test out. I also have my own project focuses where I will get stuck into data and see the benefits or product and marketing changes based off of analysing data, for example we are currently rebuilding some of our sites and I get to drill down into audience behaviour to help steer any decisions made.

How does your role and team fit into the company and its goals?

I like to think that data is the heartbeat of the company where marketing, product, sales, account management and tech can all use different pieces of data to make confident and clever decisions. This means we are always aligning ourselves with the company strategy to ensure we are always pushing key insights to projects (and there are always a lot of projects happening across the business so we get to play with a lot of data!).

How many people do you currently manage?


What’s it like working for FMG?

It’s very rewarding to see that my hard work makes a different to the 10 million users we get across our sites every month (and we can see that impact from the data). Everyone’s ideas are listened to which means everyone has input in new products and campaigns. I’ve met some lovely people and the monthly night outs are always fun!

How likely are you to recommend FMG to a friend?

If they’re keen to get stuck into a particular skill then I would definitely recommend – it’s great for learning new techniques and applying a skill to a huge range of projects.

It’s very rewarding to see that my hard work makes a different to the 10 million users we get across our sites every month

Jacob Birch

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