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Employee case study: Laura Barry

Would you give me a quick overview of FMG in your own words?

FMG is a family orientated business with great values. It is always moving forward and expanding.

How long have you worked for FMG?

I am 12 in FAD years

What role were you employed to do when you first started working at Friday Media Group?

I was taken on as a new business display rep.

How many role changes have you had within this time?

5 roles, sales representative, senior sales representative, team manager, supplements manager and my current role publication manager.

How would you describe development and training opportunities at Friday Media Group?

Great. When I started in 2007 there was a set development process with goals set out, first you would aim for probation within 3 months, then you would aim for your senior sales position within a year. This was supported and encouraged and competitive, everyone wanted to be the first to get there in each new starter group. When we had the big office with 12 teams there was plenty of opportunity to progress to team manager but this was more selective and certain individuals were encouraged to go for certain jobs, rightly so, based on their skill set and experience. There has always been great training programmes throughout my career and opportunities to learn about new products and market places.

How would you describe the premises and facilities at Friday Media Group?

We are based in a rented office now, it is a nice complex but we just salvaged old desks and equipment from our closed office. It would be great to have some money spent to personalise our office space and make it feel more FMG.

How would you describe the welfare benefits at Friday Media Group?

They are fair and easy to follow. In regards to sickness pay the discretion of managers elements allows flexibility for extreme circumstances.

Can you describe your current role?

I manage all print publications and all of the sales staff that work them. I am also the point of contact for other departments that are involved in producing the publication including studio, marketing, design and distribution.

I have a lot of pride and feel a lot of responsibility in looking after this part of FMG

Laura Barry

How does your role and team fit into the company and its goals?

I feel that print is the heart of the company, although FMG has moved on incredibly over the 12 years I have been here. I have a lot of pride and feel a lot of responsibility in looking after this part of FMG. Although print is in decline it is so refreshing to have the support from above, at all levels, and we are always encouraged to regenerate the publications and explore new ideas and products.

How many people do you currently manage?

11 people in office and 1 field sales rep

What’s it like working for FMG?

This was my first grown up job, I had just had my first daughter quite young and realised how expensive grown up life was. Since starting my 2 daughters have grown up with this being my job. It is like a home from home and a second family. I feel my knowledge and commitment is valued and across the 12 years I have always had the support of managers and colleagues for work and personal events.

How likely are you to recommend FMG to a friend?

Very likely.

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