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Employee case study: Martyn Rogers

Would you give me a quick overview of FMG in your own words?

Friday Media Group is a place that gives opportunities based on the effort you put into your role. I have personally come from a part time position canvassing after school to being the Senior Sales Manager looking after the sales floor in head office working directly with our Head of Sales Operations.

It has a determined and ambitious atmosphere with a fun, motivational and involved feel from all in the business. This allows everyone to be open with new ideas and bring them to the table with successful ones being implemented or at least some given a chance.

Friday Media Group has taught me a lot through the years from how to sell, get a perspective of marketing, products and ultimately how to manage a successful sales floor whilst being recognised for those achievements.

How long have you worked for FMG?

14 years.

What role were you employed to do when you first started working at Friday Media Group?

Evening Canvasser.

How many role changes have you had within this time?

10 roles.

How would you describe development and training opportunities at Friday Media Group?

I have had great development opportunities working from an evening canvasser for print editions being populated with free content to online new business sales to being the sole salesperson driving a new product forward to management of sales reps to management of managers.

With the above being said I have grown up through FMG which personally developed me through being in my home of Wales in our Pembrokeshire office to spending a year in BCN, 6 months in Preston and now the last 3.5 years in Brighton.

How would you describe the premises and facilities at Friday Media Group?

The facilities are great from a vibing office decor through to a free on site gym and free parking.

How would you describe the welfare benefits at Friday Media Group?

I take regular advantage of benefits such as Perkbox – free mobile insurance, breakdown cover and discounted cinema tickets. 

FMG gives opportunities based on the effort you put into your role

Martyn Rogers

How does your role and team fit into the company and its goals?

My current role involves managing the sales managers to ensure they have the support and direction needed to achieve their monthly goals through their sales teams. This includes coaching and guiding them so our sales staff feel they are supported, motivated and coached to achieve their best results.

I am also responsible for ensuring there are lots of fun incentives happening from our love island themed incentive to our FMG Frightfest at Halloween.

In summary the sales floor needs to know their goals, coached how to get there, given direction and feel motivated in doing so.

How does your role and team fit into the company and its goals?

Achieving targets to help the business and our brands grow through producing revenue allowing FMG to become more innovative.

How many people do you currently manage?


What’s it like working for FMG?

I have found it a great place to work as I have had the support needed when it was needed to develop me however I have not been micro-managed and allowed to run with my ideas which makes you feel appreciated. The atmosphere is great with constant fun incentives and seeing reps develop in front of your eyes through the coaching you put in is rewarding.

How likely are you to recommend FMG to a friend?

I have done so twice now

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