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Employee case study: Susana Pimentel

Would you give me a quick overview of FMG in your own words?

A family business that started with a print classified publication and that owns now dozens of marketplace websites from niche markets to general ones, as well as job sites and corporate sites and stock management tools for dealers on different niche areas. 

How long have you worked for FMG?

7 years. 

What role were you employed to do when you first started working at Friday Media Group?

UX designer.

How would you describe development and training opportunities at Friday Media Group?

In the last couple of years FMG has giving me all the training opportunities that I asked for and allowed me to put in practice the learnings I took from these trainings, which is great. Also, being involved in big projects from day 1 and non stop, has allowed me to continually grow professionally and expand my skill set.

How would you describe the premises and facilities at Friday Media Group?

For me it is great as I’m close to home. The only thing missing is a kitchen.

The Design team is an essential part of the business for solving problems and help achieve business goals.

Susana Pimentel

 How would you describe the welfare benefits at Friday Media Group?

The office is in the city center which allow us to come walking, bicycle or short distance public transportation. We also try to keep good vibe in the office with some fun events and lunches organised by the company.

Can you describe your current role?

As a manager, I’m responsible for a team of 6 Designers (Communication, Visual and UX/UI Designers), their professional growth and well being, performance and to educate the team about the latest design trends, services, tools and best practices. I built this team from scratch and continuously try to improve and optimise the design process. I set direction, fight for quality and ensure the team delivers on time.

As a Lead UX\UI and Visual designer I create assets required to articulate design concepts: diagrams, flows, wireframes, prototypes and high fidelity mockups, as well as brand manuals, style guides and pattern libraries. I lead the design of our websites and apps, working closely with the project owners and front-end engineers to implement visual and interaction design.

How does your role and team fit into the company and its goals?

The Design team is an essential part of the business for solving problems and help achieve business goals. The Visual and communication designers work closely with marketing and sales teams to help them achieve their targets while the UX/UI team work more closely with the product and delivery teams to help them build products that people want.

How many people do you currently manage?


What’s it like working for FMG?

Always busy. It is great to be able to work on so many big projects..

How likely are you to recommend FMG to a friend?

I would recommend FMG to a friend.

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