The Friday Media Group Sports Day!

by | Sep 27, 2017

Friday 8th September hosted the FMG fun day, which consisted of our annual sports day and after party.

Everyone looked awesome in their team colours and was excited to get started. The aim of the games is to achieve as many points as you can. Our sports day consisted of some traditional activities with an Friday Media Group twist. The relay race was re named “Boat trader relay” as the baton was a rolled up boat trader magazine.
The egg and spoon was replaced with a plank of wood and a bundle of friday-ads. Instead of using welly’s to wang, we used a bundle of Friday-ads. You could say that it brought about more challenges than the traditional games!

We finished of with a good old traditional “Tug Of War.” This really split the men from the boys and definitely showed everyone’s competitive side.

After some grazed knees, and torn shorts it came to the head to head between the two teams: “8 shades of grey” and “We came for the beer and the glory.”
The winners were “8 shades of grey” who took first prize.

We finished of a great day with a burger, and 1 or 2 (okay 5 or 6) beers at the pub for a good knees up.