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Let us tell you a story…

Friday Media Group as we know it today stemmed from our original flagship brand.
‘The Friday-Ad’ was born in 1975 when we launched the UK’s first free classified paper in Sussex . It came about after founders Chris and Liz Kidger needed to sell their car, but realised there was nowhere for them to advertise it. This inspired them to begin printing a 2 sided paper for all the locals to advertise their goods. This rapidly grew into a 12 page publication within a year.

Chris and Liz loved the idea of bringing buyers and sellers together in a simple, low-cost way.
With the growth of the Internet, our online platform Friday-Ad.co.uk launched in 1994, and those same core values never disappeared. This soon became one of the UK’s leading classified websites. This online revolution initiated a new beginning and the birth of Friday Media Group, where we rapidly expanded into other classifieds in niche markets, and later onto recruitment, e-commerce and retail. Our brands have now traveled across 3 continents, and FMG offices can be found in Bangalore, Barcelona and Miami. Friday Media Group has firmly remained a family business, and is always looking for new ways to help people and their businesses to grow in a world of every-changing technology…what will be next for FMG?

The 70s and 80s – it all started with print


Husband and Wife, Chris and Liz needed to sell their car, but realised there was no place to advertise it!


First edition of Friday-Ad was born


The 4 pages became 12 pages


The 12 pages became 42 and the first Friday Ad shop opened


We order first newspaper press and rent our first factory


35 shops open across the country

The 80s onwards – the digital revolution


The revolutionary Internet was born


Head office moves to larger premises


We launch www.friday-ad.co.uk, the first website in the UK to have an online ‘place an ad’ system


The first wireless internet was created known as WIFI


Google founded by Larry Page & Sergey Brin

The 00s – we expand


.With new machinery we now print 70 weekly publications. Open first call centre in South Wales. We launch Friday Ad in sunny Spain


We now have 500 employees


Rise in the internet results in 35 shop closures


We launch 10 small online acquisitions in niche markets


With our online brands growing, we open office in Barcelona and Berlin


Steve Jobs launches the first Apple iPhone


We launch our equine and boats brands in the states, Miami office opens.


We open new office in India, where new tech hub is based