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Located across five different countries worldwide

Over the last 40 years our family run company has traveled into 3 different continents. Creating new business partners and introducing our brands to new regions across the globe means we now have offices in Miami, Barcelona, India and Wales. We are lucky enough to have a vast range of skilled employees from different cultures across the globe. We’re always on the lookout for new partners to enable us to expand our family to even more provinces.


The home of FMG

Our head office based in Brighton, East Sussex. This is where it all began, and where most of our brands are still based. This is also the home to our print factory, where the Friday-Ad is still printed every Thursday.


The home of our USA brands

10 years ago we established our US brands, Horseclicks, Vivaboats and more recently Spidersnet. Since then our team in Miami has grown into a network of experts helping people and businesses achieve sales in the world of equine and marine sales across the states.


The hive of creativity

Over in the north of Spain we have our Barcelona office, which accommodates most of our creative experts. Some of our product and design team are located in this office and It’s here that the majority of the artwork for both the company and a lot of our clients is created.


The land of recruitment

Located on the outskirts of Manchester you’ll find our Preston office. Our job board division is entirely run from this office. Here we have over 100 outstanding employees that bring together job seekers and businesses over 16 different niche recruitment brands.


The tech hub

One of our newest office locations, Bangalore in India is the home to our exceptional tech professionals. Here we have a variety of talented website developers and product managers, that work behind the scenes, making new FMG products come to life.


Our publication head office

This is the home to our publication brands which are all managed in our pembrokeshire based office in South Wales. All the content that goes into our print brands, such as Friday-Ad and Boat Trader magazine is coordinated amongst several employees here in pembroke dock.