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Introducing ‘Virtual Events’ as recruitments latest service on offer

Main image from the blog post

Last month was an exciting one for our recruitment team in Preston, as we saw the launch of our brand new venture, Virtual Events.

This unique new service is able to position businesses in front of thousands of jobseekers at our virtual job fair. Our first event will be kicking off on November 7th, where we’ll be hosting the Sales and Marketing job fair, purely to attract people who work, and want to work primarily in this industry.

Our unique online platform will showcase your company’s innovative streak, enable you to capture top talent and conduct interviews in a virtual hiring event that breaks free from all geographical and capacity constraints that a live event contains. You will be able to engage with talent through a visually immersive experience like no other. The easy to navigate platform requires no downloads, is 100% mobile-friendly, and works on all modern browsers. You will be able to fully customize your booth, display virtual literature, host engaging digital content (e.g. videos, seminars) to help candidates understand why you should be their employer of choice

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