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Life at FMG

Christmas 2019 with Friday Media Tech India

Main image from the blog post

Friday Media Tech India our technology and development team celebrating Christmas at our office in Bangalore.

All the staff wanted to celebrate Christmas by showing their gratitude and thanks to a very special member of their team Office Housekeeper Chitra aunty. Chitra aunty is one of our FMTI quiet superstars, she has a wonderful personality and has a smile for everyone. Chitra aunty works very hard everyday for the team. This special lady makes sure the FMTI office is ready for our tech teams to build our next generation products. She does all the housekeeping work ,cleaning the entire office and makes delicious tea and snacks for all the teams. To celebrate Christmas and to show their appreciation for all Chitra’s hard work, all the staff contributed amount and presented her with a special gift, to bring a smile and happiness to family.

Merry Christmas & Best Wishes for 2020

From Everyone at Friday Media Tech India

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