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Life at FMG

Rob our tech director gives us the latest from Bangalore!

Main image from the blog post

It’s been all go in the Bangalore development office in the last couple of months. Changes in management, team promotions, new faces joining as well as some critical projects hitting key milestones has ensured there is never a dull moment.

Robin Mandangada has taken on the role of Operations and Delivery Manager, now fully responsible for the day to day running on Friday Media Tech India. Robin has demonstrated strong leadership skills since joining the company only three months ago and the decision to promote his role to include responsibility for all the operational aspects of the FMTI office was an easy one. Further internal opportunities have seen Ganesh promoted to Lead Developer for the Spidersnet business. After spending the last year delivering our new and exciting ‘Auto Promotor’ dealer management solution, Ganesh has shown a great ability to deliver quality and also taken the time to understand our product and business. This will be of great benefit in ensuring we continue to deliver best-in-class products for all our customers now and in the future.

Ganesh becomes the third developer to be promoted internally at FMTI, after Rajendra on Simply Job Boards and Nikhil within our APIs team. This is something we are very proud of. We aim to nurture talented employees and recognise people we believe will make a difference to the business, which these three people epitomise.

On the work front, we’ve seen some important products delivered or progressed during this time. The first iteration of our new Courses platform has been launched, a product we believe will compliment Simply’s recruitment platforms and aid our customers further in helping them get the skills needed to find their next job or seek promotion at their existing one. The Auto Promotor app is nearing the end of development and will join the Spidersnet suite of products aimed to simplify how motor dealers run their business. Meanwhile, our marketplace brands are undergoing a full facelift, frontend and backend, to deliver some exciting new opportunities over the coming months.

When not working hard, the team are playing hard also! Whether it’s team film nights, activities organised by the events team (thanks Chaitra, Sathish and Akshatha!), or time spent chatting and laughing over food and drink, the team know how to relax and unwind from the daily stresses of work. Independence Day is next up for the FMTI office and we will all look forward to seeing the celebratory pics that are sure to circulate to the wider business thereafter.

Here’s to another great few months ahead!

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