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New Autopromotor Books!

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Our stock management system has been in action for over 20 years. Autopromotor allows customers to upload vehicle adverts to their site, broadcast their vehicles around the web, and manage enquiries with ease. We also launched Autopromotor Pro which has a suite of additional new features including a mobile app!

We are always innovating and improving the system and taking on feedback from our customers. With this in mind, we wanted to progress on developing new features that we know will aid our dealerships. We’re excited to announce the launch of Books, which can be added to all Autopromotor packages. This new development is designed to save you time, help you with accounting, profit & VAT calculations, and keep your business operations all in one place. We asked our product and development team to go through in more detail of what Autopromotor Books does and how it can help your dealership.

Can you give an overview of what Autopromotor Books does?

Autopromotor Books is the next evolution of our Stock Management System allowing dealerships and car retailers the ability to record purchase & sales information, generate invoices and view a range of reports. We’ve been working closely with customers over the past year to develop a system that meets the needs of a modern dealer.

What features are included in Autopromotor Books?

There are a range of features which make up Books and build on top of what we already have available. I have listed some of the most notable features we’ve included in Books below, this isn’t an exhaustive list.

Purchase Information

The ability to log purchase information including seller details, purchase costs, vehicle preparation costs and view a live Stand In Value (SIV).

Sales Information

The ability to log sales information including customer and billing details, sales information, part-exchange vehicles involved in the sale, additional sale items and many other relevant pieces of information.


The ability to print and download a range of different invoices including purchase, sales and trade invoices.


A reporting suite giving your visibility over purchase, sale and stock information. Also includes margin scheme VAT calculations and a HMRC complaint stock book record.


The ability to create and store contacts for a variety of different purposes include customers, suppliers and finance houses.

How will dealers benefit from using Autopromotor Books?

Autopromotor Books allows dealers to record a wealth of information against a vehicle from purchasing info through to sales. This builds a detailed picture of purchase, sales and profit information. Books also offers a professional integrated invoice solution moving your business past handwritten or templated emails.

Will there be any more additions to Autopromotor Books in the future?

Yes absolutely! We’re constantly adding improvements and new features to Autopromotor in close collaboration with customers requirements. Our product and development team work in 2 week sprints with deployments planned around these so a new feature is never far away. We’re always open to suggestions on how we can improve Autopromotor for you so if you have an idea just let us know!

Want to learn more?

Book in a demo with one of our friendly team members! They will be able to show and talk you through everything you need to know about Autopromotor Books!

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