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FMG Project

New Fitness Community Hits Brighton!

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Run The Lanes brings a brand new fitness community to the heart of Brighton. They provide group-based strength training classes and a social running club to the people of Brighton, helping you to move more and move together. Through their run club, fitness classes and events, they aim to bring people together, creating connections and building community.

The Run The Lanes run club is a FREE social running club for runners of all abilities. They run once per week on a Thursday, starting at the FMG Project gym at 5:30pm to gather and meet other runners, before heading out to ‘Run The Lanes’ at around 5:45pm. The runs vary in route, length, time and theme, and usually end with a chance to hang out and have a drink in the gym’s café/bar area.

They have a number of amazing perks on offer for their members, including discounts on running gear, money-off sports massages, free goodies from local businesses and more!

The Run The Lanes strength classes are designed to empower and equip you to thrive both inside and outside of the gym, moving away from the recent trends of complicated exercises and stress-inducing, ultra-high intensity workouts.

They provide high-level coaching in a state-of-the-art facility to help you maximise your time in the gym and increase your overall strength, whilst working out alongside like-minded individuals who are also looking to better themselves.

Run The Lanes supports the FMG Project charity by contributing volunteers, raising awareness and providing income for their work with young people. 100% of the profits from our classes and events go into the charity pot, enabling more young people across the city to be supported, encouraged and empowered through fitness and specialist coaching.

To find out more, sign up the the run club or book onto a class, please visit their website:

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